Why the Construction Industry Needs to Innovate

Business leaders are constantly told that innovation is ‘essential’ to business growth, competitiveness and productivity in a world of increasing competition and depleting natural resources. A recent McKell Institute Report declared that firms must “innovate or perish” and that executives are faced with a fundamental choice. They can either take “the ‘low-road’ of narrow cost-cutting […]


Inconsistent Regulations Killing Australia’s Construction Sector

Imagine for a moment you were trying to run a large international city with a metropolitan population of 20 million people or more. Would you divide that city into eight separate jurisdictions and have each adopt its own different rules and processes for builder registration, trade licensing, planning and building approvals, environmental assessments, building contracts legislation, […]


LNGs next big challenges: high labour costs and low productivity

LNG’s upward fortunes stand in stark contrast to Australia’s dwindling labour productivity, writes Deloitte’s Geoffrey Cann and Steve Giles. However the booming sector will have to quickly learn to navigate the numerous challenges coming its way.That Australia’s national labour productivity has gone backwards over the past decade is now a well-established fact. According to the […]


Australia manufacturing needs to get skilled or lose out – new study

Australia needs to step up its manufacturing skills in the next decade or risk falling behind other nations, according to a new study by the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency. The manufacturing workforce study report examined Australia’s manufacturing shift from heavy industrial manufacturing to technologically advanced manufacturing. It recommended key areas in which Australia needs […]


Half of Australian businesses struggling to recruit STEM workers: Report

A lack of skills in areas such as science, technology and engineering in the current and emerging workforce is holding back Australia’s economy, according to the Australian Industry Group. The negative implications for the local economy were highlighted in the Progressing STEM Skills in Australia report, which was released in February 2015. The survey, which […]

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8 ways technology is revolutionising the oil and gas industry

A flagship report by Intergraph Process entitled 8 Technology Innovations Revolutionising the Oil & Gas Industry sheds light on the new and innovative ways the oil and gas industry is driving efficiency and productivity. Intergraph produced the report after consultation with its oil and gas customers, including leading global Fortune 500 owners operators and engineering […]